Annetta Moses

Area of Creativity:

Bead-woven jewellery

When did you start & how long have you been doing your area of expertise?

I began making jewellery about three years ago. I am self-taught from books and YouTube videos.

Why is it your passion?

I’ve always loved jewellery, and when I discovered that I could make my own using lovely beads and crystals, I was hooked! There’s something very satisfying about weaving beads and crystals together with needle and thread! The huge variety of colours, shapes and sizes of beautiful glass beads and crystals makes me swoon as I gaze upon them! I love bling! I’ve always liked to coordinate my jewellery with the clothes I’m wearing, and making my own adornments allows plenty of scope for that.

An interesting fact about you or an achievement you are proud of:

  1. In 2017, I won Second Prize for my creation – a beaded necklace – in the ‘Wearable Art – Beading’ category at the Royal Queensland Show (the ‘Ekka’) in Brisbane.
  2. In 2018, I travelled to the Czech Republic on a beading tour led by an eminent American beading teacher, Jill Wiseman. Apart from having tuition with Jill, we toured bead and glass-making factories where we witnessed beads being made and glass being blown into all sorts of amazing decorative and practical items, visited a multi-level glass museum and a huge Swarovski crystal installation, as well as indulging in lots of wholesale bead shopping! I was in heaven and my luggage was several kilos heavier on my trip home!
  3. For the last couple of years, I have been teaching beading at a local craft group. The ladies in my little group have made several beautiful bracelets and necklaces either for themselves or to give as gifts.