Colleen Smith

Experimental Fabric dye Artist, artisan, jewellery maker

Although I studied art briefly in high school, I am a self-taught visual artist and have fallen in love with how unpredictable it can be when working with dyes and acrylics. Each piece I create is a journey of discovery.

I look past the obvious focusing on the patterns that nature creates around us.

I am intrigued by the light and shade formation from the sand channels, fringe reef shadows, and the way the sun glistens across the water’s surface. This is the inspiration behind what I do. I like to challenge my creations to capture the essence of nature, the sense of movement, and to celebrate vibrant colour while ensuring that each piece is uniquely imperfect. I believe we are ‘Intricately tied to nature’ My aim is to try to capture the energy that surrounds me and reflect it in each piece I create.

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It’s always exciting to see the end result.