Scattered Arts Fine Art and Craft Competition “PATTERN”

2019 Prize Winners

The 2019 Scattered Arts annual fine art and craft competition took place in September with winners in 9 categories.
Best in Show was won by Helen Young for her painting ‘Camouflage 111’
It was so real that you felt you needed to check the frilled lizard had not climbed out of the painting for a look around the gallery.

‘Camouflage 111’

Category 1– (A) Painting – Oil or Acrylic

Winner – ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ by Denise Ryder

Commended – ‘Birthday Flowers’ by Wendy Stevens

Commended – ‘Bougainvillea Shadows’ by Maria Field

Category 1 – (B) Painting – Watercolour

Winner – ‘Café Patterns’ by Maria Field

Commended – ‘Pebble Patterns’ by Geraldine Robertson

Category 1 – (C) Painting – All Other, to include pastel and Mixed Media

Winner – ‘Ode of Petal’ by Henry Leung

Commended – ‘Fibonacci Flamenco’ by Eva Richards

Category 2– Jewellery

Winner – ‘Deconstructed Cells’ by Malissa Johnson

Commended – ‘Purple Flutter By’ by Kay Lyons

Category 3 – Textile and Fibre

Winner – ‘Meandering’ by Pat Jefferies

Commended – ‘Patterns of Nature’ by Rosemary McCall

Category 4 – 3 Dimensional

Winner – ‘Cabin in the Woods’ by Gregory Fahey

Commended – ‘Numbered Patterns’ by Tricia Smout

Commended – ‘Wired for Elegance’ by Casandra Pyziakos

Primary School Student (covering all media)

Winner – ‘Ocean Patterns’ by Charlie Steer

Commended – ‘Constellation Patterns’ by Matilda Steer

Commended – ‘Flowers in the Night Sky’ by Daphne Vos

High School Student (covering all media)

Winner – ‘Llama River’ by Sarah Vos

People’s Choice

Winner – ‘Purple Flutter By’ by Kay Lyons