Gill Scott

Area of Creativity:
Polymer clay (beads, jewellery, pens and tooth fairy houses)
When did you start & how long have you been doing your area of expertise?
I was first introduced to the medium by accident at least five years ago, and have now fallen in love with the medium and have met and formed many friendships with many likeminded people along the way.
Why is it your passion?
I have always had something creative in my life (painting, cake decorating, sewing, making teddy bears, beading, silvers smithing, macramé etc). Once I mastered one, I moved on to the next. However, since discovering polymer clay I have finally found a medium that I am passionate about because of its endless possibilities like the 3D effect and find the craft most relaxing.
An interesting fact about you or an achievement you are proud of:
I have jumped out of a plane twice to raise money for the Heart Foundation charity (a 3000-foot static line jump in the UK, then a free fall 10,000 foot tandem jump in Australia). Both times were in my earlier years and definitely wouldn’t do it again.