Lyn Spence

Area of Creativity:
Textile Art – in recent years my focus has been felting but have tried many things over the years. I use multiple mediums and techniques to make a mix of decorative and functional items.

When did you start & how long have you been doing your area of expertise?
I have been embroidering and knitting since I was very young.  My work has evolved as I have learnt new techniques, projects start as a concept and develop as I go along.

Why is it your passion?
I am energised by creating something whether it be a decorative piece of artwork, something functional or even a work procedure.

I did a detailed personality/skills assessment a few years ago and when it suggested that ‘bringing form and harmony to haphazard systems’ was a strength it made perfect sense. I like to put things in an appealing order – wool fibres, threads, fabric, beads.

An interesting fact about you or an achievement you are proud of:

I am interested in how creative expression can enhance health and wellbeing. I love the saying from Pablo Picasso that ‘art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life…’ I have a desire to help others use creativity to express themselves when words are inadequate.