Maria Field

Area of Creativity:
Painting. I love and work in all mediums but watercolours would have to be my favourite.
When did you start & how long have you been doing your area of expertise?
As my family grew up, I found I had more time to pursue my interests, so I succumbed to the lure of art and have been addicted to painting for the past 16 years
Why is it your passion?
I just have to paint, if I don’t, I don’t feel complete. It’s as if these paintings are inside me and if I don’t get them out, I will simply explode! God has created a beautiful world and I would just like to portray some of that wonder. I paint in all styles and subjects because I can get bored easily. Subjects that inspire me usually have elements of light/shade, colour, shape or texture. Then again, if they don’t, I’ll invent them anyway!
An interesting fact about you or an achievement you are proud of:
I have twice been selected to have my paintings hung in a major exhibition in Fabriano Italy and my works are held in collections throughout the world. I have been featured several times in Australian Artist magazine and have won over 74 awards.