Area of Creativity:

Abstract art, Photography, and Art Therapy

When did you start & how long have you been doing your area of expertise?

Being creative has been part of my life since childhood – I have always been exploring different mediums. I became hooked on photography with my first digital camera in 2011 and painting is something that I have been exploring since 2017 and quickly became my primary means of expression.

Why is it your passion?

I believe we are all innately creative and the benefits of being creative are huge. I love to bring a playful and experimental approach to my creativity. I believe that play is underrated in our modern world and would love to inspire others to be more playful and creative in their own way.

An interesting fact about you or an achievement you are proud of:

I have been a featured artist on the Bluethumb online gallery, and my photography has been published in several magazines including the front cover of a New Zealand food publication.