Tamara Shaw


I see things differently
I am proud to offer my authentic, original, unique Art,
from hand-printed pictures to inspirational digital art.

Born in Brisbane but I spent a large amount of my childhood and some of my adult life in Darwin. Growing up and starting my family there. I’m now living back in Brisbane. My two adult children still play a role in my life even though they’ve moved away and have different journeys

Even though I don’t live in Darwin anymore I’m influenced by its magnificent sunsets, its cultural diversities, it’s closest to other Asian countries and the beautiful, wild and untamed scenery.

My art is inspired by the beauty around me. The sunsets, the landscapes, nature, manmade and all its intricacies, just looking at clouds, rainbows, flowers, references to suburbia life like the pot plants, the birds that fly in on my balcony or backyard/courtyard or even the manmade structures of cityscapes, stimulates my mind and gets me creating pictures.

I want to highlight the beauty that we may so many times overlook in our busy daily lives. I love looking at things around me and allowing it to take its own form in my mind and then back into reality. Whether I’m using shiny paint, experimenting with digital art, making textile images or playing around with my prints, I let the image and my own creativity run across all mediums.