Wendy Goode

Wendy Goode

I am a sewist, a textile artist and an all-round lover of fabrics.

I am fascinated by what I can create with fabrics, leather, vinyl, buttons, lace, beads, ribbons, and trims.
I aim to create functional items, such as bags of all shapes and sizes; cushions and soft furnishings; unique clothing pieces; accessories such as neck pieces and brooches; and book and diary covers for both writing and visual purposes. However, sometimes I create just for fun – like the two-tiered wedding cake I made from fabrics, beads and lace. It almost looks good enough to eat.

I favour working with natural fibres like cotton and linen. I use denim fabrics extensively in my work because I love the structure it gives to my pieces.
I pride myself on creating pieces which are carefully and beautifully constructed with a professional finish. Construction methods I use are machine sewing, hand sewing, embroidery, appliqué, beading, printing, and painting.
I particularly enjoy the challenge of using the fabrics and materials I already have at hand to make my pieces.

I also like to up-cycle clothing. I find it very satisfying to give clothing items a second or even third life. Whether it is an old pair of denim jeans fashioned into a handbag or just changing a dress into a top and a skirt. This means a little less ends up in landfill.

Mine is a lifelong love affair with fabric.

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Wendy Goode butterfly